Heather creates imagery that is contemporary and artistic. She first became interested in wedding photography in college and since then she’s honed her craft as a visual storyteller and a skilled photographer.

Heather has a creative point of view and certainly delivers on great portraiture and high energy images from the reception. She loves to see the couple enjoying themselves and she keeps things relaxed and casual. She takes her creativity up a notch by bringing along optical crystals, prisms and sparklers to create unique images alongside more traditional environmental portraiture.

Heather’s favorite part of the day is capturing the intimate moments between the couple, “I like photographing the quiet parts …” She captures all the little details, setting the stage and delivering the behind-the-scenes moments that make each celebration so special.

Heather love’s photographing anything and everything. When she’s not attached to her camera she likes spending time with her hubby and their adorable daughter Brin. Together they like to explore,travel and hang out with their two dogs and two cats.