Maureen has been a professional photographer for nearly 2 decades. She has carried her passion for photography from high school through completing her fine arts degree. Her knowledge and craftsmanship is evident in her use of light and composition. Her style is drawn from fashion imagery  and editorial storytelling. She captures wonderful candids, translating the spontaneity of the day, and she’s especially talented at setting the scene for romantic formal portraits with a modern flare.

“I love all the parts of the wedding day particularly the time I get to spend with just the couple, creating these magic little vignettes reminding them the this is their day!  I also love the reception when everyone let’s their hair down and has a blast!

Fun Facts about Maureen:

I never met a cheese I didn’t like.

If I wasn’t a photographer I’d like to be a chef or run a B&B.

I love traveling ANYWHERE. There’s always so much to learn on this big blue marble.

A great evening for me is sitting outside with food, drink and friends.